Our Story

Once upon a time, in 2015, we were a sizeable flourishing team of 50+ people team delivering awesome digital projects using Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and of course iOS, and Android applications.

In early 2017, things started going south and fast. We were at the brink of extinction. We lost half the team as we could not pay the salaries in time. We lost our beautifully done office. Why? We could not pay the rent in time.

We wondered what went wrong.  We are ethical, we have always walked the extra mile. We were a good team, had good projects, delivered on each and every project and had great reviews from our customers.

So Why did this happen to us? At one point, we thought it was all over.

Then we fortunately landed a very interesting AI driven project in the Ed Tech space from the U Nations. Shhh….we are not supposed to talk about it. Only whisper. We also picked up a project from a retail giant in the US. Both combined, will provide us with enough runway for the next six months.

With that we have a ray of hope; we saw the glass is half full. We still have half the team with us who were part of the great projects we delivered together. They stretched and did not want to give up on what we had built together, yet. They believed in the culture and ethos of the company.

The last standing half the team still believes in our core values. So we re-energized and regrouped.

In March, we decided to reboot……with the same core values but with added skills which are more inline with what is needed of us from you.

We decided to move Vancouver in August, 2017. We are looking forward to a good start and hit the ground running in Canada.

Idyllic still is a solid engineering firm. We still do Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, iOS and Android development. However, now we lead with Design Thinking and focus on user research first. We want to ensure each and every penny that our customer spends with us is worth a lot more. User Experience and Research is what becomes that multiplier now.

Why Vancouver?

On a previous business trip, we found the people are warm and helpful. We immediately sensed opportunities to serve and grow together.

British Columbia wants to attract tech companies and help build stronger tech communities. We help tech companies succeed and saw an immediate synergy. So instead of focusing on mature markets, we felt, let’s go to Vancouver where our work will matter more and the impact will be felt.

A healthy new business model

We realized you do not like to offshore. Nor do you like to outsource. You want the people to be close to you or in your office. So we thought, let us be that. We have an awesome team and we can make them available to work directly with your team.

Also, we realize that you want software teams to be practically priced. In a market where consulting firms charge anywhere from $150+, could we do it at a cost of full-time person?

Lastly, what if you like the team member and he or she becomes important for you. We do not want to hold them back. We will let them go to become a part of your team. We are here to give more than we take. So if it helps you and our associate, let’s discuss. Contract-now-hire-later, as long as you promise to keep our friendship going and continue to tell our story.

The story continues North from here.

A new customer base

While in India, we built a great team. But as an offshore firm, we always attracted only customers looking for cost savings. We seek interesting projects and hence we thought of moving to Vancouver to get challenging work which requires us to be physically closer to our customers.

Now that we are in Vancouver, we seek enterprising customers who are ready to innovate, customers who have an interesting challenge worth solving.

So if you have a problem you want to solve, we should talk. Help us create our success story in Vancouver. Lets chat.

Why Work with us?

There are three reasons for why you should evaluate working with us.

  1. Design Thinking – We lead with design thinking which enables us to deliver a product that your customer wants. Our process begins with you to understand the product and iterates extensively on the user research phase where we help you understand what your audience truly needs and desires. Following this phase, we begin the actual design and development work using Agile process.
  2. Product Mindset – It is easy for you to borrow our developers and designers. But that is not the best use of our team. Our team gets excited when they are asked to find a solution to a challenge. Our engineering team ensures product is done right with TDD and other best practices so that you can run with it and evolve.
  3. Practical Pricing – The software industry is randomly priced. A small team builds a feature for tens of thousands of dollars which changes before you see the full value. Consulting firms are expensive. Building your own team is painful and distracts you from your core business. That is where we come in. Our costs are almost equal to if not lower than hiring your own team. While you get access to skills as and when you require.

We want to do great work with you and are always looking for challenging projects. Kindly do not misinterpret. We are not looking for sympathy. If what we offer does not have value, we would rather die brave and move on. Each one of us on the team is more than able to survive and thrive and each one of us has a decent head on our shoulders. We are merely still not done yet and have faith in our core values.

What might die is our approach or a particular offering. So do not worry if you cannot send a project our way yet. A few cans of beers would be just fine 😉

Have a project that needs an ace team?

Rest assured, a good team with right core values and yearning for a challenge worth their potential, will surely do wonders. Let’s chat.