Who We Work With

Size Doesn’t Matter. Your Business Matters.

At Idyllic, we work with businesses of all sizes and hues. Right from building enterprise applications, to reinforcing IT teams for high growth firms to creating MVPs for startup firms, we have done it all. For us, the size of the company doesn’t matter. It’s the business challenges that they face, and how technology and design can be leveraged to solve problems, that matters most. We have worked across industry verticals such as Telecom, FinTech, EduTech, BFSI, F&B and Healthcare to name a few.

Most importantly, our solutions to business problems are customized to the nature of the problem and size of the business. We offer design and development solutions for these broad categories of business

  • Startups
  • High Growth firms
  • Enterprises

Startups – We understand the challenges that Startup Founders face and empathize with their product needs. Having worked with a few startups in the past, we guide the founders and handhold them through the initial stages of the product design. We conduct user research for product validation, MVP workshops and brainstorming sessions with the design and development teams to deliver the best possible product.

High Growth Firms – When your company is in a high-growth phase, there’s always more to be done in terms of technology and product upgrades. The IT teams are running full throttle and are stretched to the limit. That’s where we come in and work as an extended IT team in collaboration with the onshore teams. We join forces with your IT team to deliver best-of-breed IT solutions and products.

Enterprises – As an enterprise, you’re often saddled with more technology than you can handle, at times. Disparate systems, legacy code, volumes of data may burden the enterprise and hamper its agility. We bring in fresh thinking, leverage existing systems, and technology to deliver the best business outcomes. All this while keeping the data security and legacy systems in tact.