Our Work

We’ve been part of several stories over the years. These entrepreneurs are all inspiring and there is ample learning from them. We’ll cherry pick a few that we think you might enjoy reading.

A company that went from $3M to $60M and is now no more.

Bridj was one of our customers in their early days. They were an Uber like Bus commute application. We launched them in 14 weeks and their evaluation had bumped to $60M after the launch. However, a few years later, we read that they abruptly shut down. Get in the bus to see it for yourself.

An entrepreneur who aspired to make food ordering easy for NBA fans in the stadium

We are extremely lucky to be part of designing an application for ordering food in a sports arena. Could you imagine how Jill would order food through her phone? How can she find the nearest food pickup station without missing a beat of the game? How would you notify her around clamorous fans? Even if you get that far, how would you navigate her to go and pick up the food? Enter the stadium to see how it all happens.

A cab ride for celebrities

You must have heard of Uber. However, have you heard of EmpireCLS? We had not. They are the cars which are rented by celebrities. These fortunate lot did not ever need an app to order a cab until we helped build one.

How does a busy mom who does not cook ensure their child is eating right?

Entrepreneurs are great at picking up the right problems. This company made it possible for busy Mom’s to live guilt free. Though they are not the ones who get into the kitchen every day, they can use their tablets and phones to ensure their child is eating right by ordering their school lunches in just a few minutes.

Education Startup which assigns homework to parents.

The teacher teaches about planets in school. The parents do not even know about it. This startup enables teachers and parents to integrate by allowing teachers to give assignments to parents. These are fun activities such as “Plan a weekend trip to a planetarium with your kids”.

Does a product team ever have time for marketing website?

68382809 - loan approved application form concept

If you are in fin-tech, you have surely heard of Kabbage. They have a large team who is more than capable of managing a marketing website. However, their priorities are set to build the product and the marketing team always wants those bells and whistles to attract new users.

Kabbage was smart enough to use us for work that was not the most interesting for their team but surely made a business case to get us excited.