Ruby on Rails Development

Since 2010, We’ve been building scalable and resilient systems using Ruby on Rails. We’ve delivered several MVP’s and helped several organizations speed things up by providing our sharp Ruby on Rails Engineers.

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We worked with Idyllic Software for several months to help provide a much needed push in order to get to beta testing in a reasonable amount of time. They didn’t disappoint. These guys are wicked smart as they worked diligently with a high degree of professionalism.

They are excellent problem solvers and made themselves available for regularly scheduled meetings, working sessions and consultation. It was really a pleasure to work with these gentlemen.

Kevin T. Kirkendoll

Here is how we do it

  1. Ample focus on architecture
  2. Refactor fearlessly
  3. Write clean code
  4. Communicate often and as is
  5. Demonstrate working software every day
  6. Take ownership

A few recent engagements

1. Operated as a CTO

vertical_fox was led by industry veterans in the US Health Benefits space. The trio founders were non-technical and employed us as their CTO for almost three years.

2. Worked as a team extension

kabuniWe worked as a team extension with Kabuni. They are the Canadian firm responsible for us to move to Vancouver :). We extended the spree e-commerce platform and built them a highly sophisticated e-commerce application exposing apis for mobile platforms.

3. Built Minimum Viable Product

schloopWe have helped the enthusiastic Schloop team define the MVP after an extensive user research and reviews and are now in process of launching their MVP.

We even changed the name they came in with using our branding exercise. Here is the final presentation.

Have a need to speed up development with our awesome Ruby Engineers?