User Experience Design

The customer experience is the key to successful products. Our entire UX process revolves around identifying and getting into the lives of the users. The process begins with user research and evolves from there. This is where we begin.

First Define and Design the solution, then code.

How we do it?

Hear you out
Duration: 3 days

There is a method to this madness. First, we hear you out to understand the problem statement. Then we ask you pointed questions making you feel uncomfortable and insecure :). We brain storm

Listen to them
Duration: 2 – 3 weeks.

Then we go to the users. We understand their everyday life. We do not talk to them about the application at all. Instead, we focus on validating the problem statement and if they are already using the application, how and why do they use the application? What time of the day is best for them and what drives action for them.  We unearth the hidden emotions between their statements. We never forget to carry a bag full of chocolates for them as a small token of appreciation for their time to speak with us.

Collate & Ideate
Duration: 1 – 2 weeks

After our road trip meeting with several of potential users, we go back to our drawing board and put down everything we heard from them. We collate the data, bucket them, make sense of the ecosystem and together with you define the solution.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Once that is done, the user experience team kicks in making the wireframes and the Visual Design team takes them over to the finish line. Time permitting we do further concept testing of these designs with the users.

Phew!The process is quite entangled and above is just a simplified version of it. Yes. It takes two months to get it right for any problem statement at hand. But if you get this thing done right, you are half way towards success.

Here are our Design Nerds.


Case Studies

  1. Food-ordering experience for NBA fans
  2. Define and Design an MVP for School Communication System
  3. Seller portal for Largest E-commerce website.

We can talk all night about what we do and show you things that we have done. So here is what we recommend, allow us to hear you out and brainstorm a bit. Once you are convinced, we will take it forward. Fair?

Let’s do a Brainstorming Workshop