Mom, what’s for lunch today?

We helped thousands of soccer moms solve this everyday problem!

Well not directly of course. One of our clients is a school catering service who serves healthy, nutritional meals to kids during their lunch break. Moms can visit their website and pre-order healthy meals up to 50 days in advance for their school going kids. Where do we figure in all this healthy scheme of things? 

Well, technology is their biggest enabler, giving users the ability to order nutritious meals via mobile apps and the web. That’s where we come in, helping the company build user-friendly apps and a website.

The Magic Recipe

The client had existing iOS and Android apps, so we needed to spice it up in terms of UX, design and enhance the visual elements. We also built an online calendar to make life easy for our super moms. The business model had changed so they had to alter the workflows to update the ordering technologies. That’s where our UX and development master chefs came in handy, to redesign the apps and build a new website. 

What’s the Secret Sauce?

Our design chefs got to work, keeping in mind the usability aspects for the large customer base, to implement the new business model. The UX research team began with interviewing existing moms to map their customer journey. The idea was to use the learning to improve the features for new customers to get a taste of the service. The UX was designed in such a way that the brand identity was retained and at the same time the customer experience was delicious!

For the Code chefs, the initiative posed a few challenges on the engineering side and the front end. Since the app is consumer facing, we used MVVM framework and Ember.js to provide a rich user experience. The web and mobile apps were dished out with new workflows and an awesome user experience. On the server side, the development team whipped up changes for new transactions and new business rules

 In a span of  12 weeks, using Agile principles we redesigned and implemented the new business model, much to the client’s delight. We successfully delivered a new website, an Android app and an iOS application. From then on, its Bon Appetit’ for the little ones and a big relief for their moms from everyday lunch hassles.