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We began our official journey on July 10, 2010. It’s been Seven years now. Six of them were glorious and the seventh year now is helping us become a completely different company.

The motivation

We started Idyllic with a motive to change the way software consulting the world operates. There are several Dirty Secrets of a Consulting firm. When our founder, Jinesh, worked at Sears in Chicago, they had hired a very reputed Agile consulting firm only to realize that they were only there to do business and did not care about the project or the business as much. They were constantly selling more people and hiring the best-known firm does not work. Hence there was room to create another great firm with a difference to care about the business, their needs, and their constraints.

No one ever spoke about customer constraints and tried to respect the constraints. We did not find many consulting firms trying to truly operate as partners. We found everyone saying that they will be your technology “Partners”, but then how many continued to stay your “partner” even when things went south for you? Did they ever let go of payable invoices? Would we? Yup, we did that and we are happy to say that we stuck to our words of operating like partners, though it did take a huge toll on us as a company.

And the last piece of the motivation for us was to build a company where people can grow internally and live one life instead of two different, work life and personal life. We wanted people to thoroughly enjoy each moment of their life. A company where everyone grows at the speed they desired and deserved. We wanted to be a platform for such an initiative and foster entrepreneurship internally. This has still not changed after seven years.

What we do

Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, iOS & Android Development with Design Thinking. Nothing too fancy there. What we actually do is understand your business, question your hypothesis, derive solutions from insane amount user research and almost every single time deliver a solution which is better than what you came in with.

Our current leadership team


jinesh  anurag  shivam  aniket

Jinesh Parekh            Anurag Verma           Shivam Sahai           Aniket Joshi


Thank you, Alumni

We want to thank each one of our alumni to have come and moved on for better lives ahead. Your contribution to the company and its culture is why we are still here.