Why we gave up on our own website?

How can a design company not have their own website done right? But ever since we started our company, it has been a dream to have a separate team just to maintain our website and keep it interesting. However, we never find enough time.

Finding great talent is hard and when you find them, some or the other customer spots them and picks them to work on their project. We have to choose between taking up an awesome product work from our customer or ponder over our own website. We choose the former.

Long story short, we never find time to maintain our website. The original website that you see is half baked. The actual design is way too different with awesome micro-interactions and other things. So instead of trying to make it perfect, we gave up on it.

And here we are. A plain text website. You cannot go wrong there. The goal of the website is to communicate and what better than a wordpress text only website for that :). Our work can always be found in case studies and other images on the website.

Hopefully some day, we will find the time, have a team who will only focus on our website. Until the dream comes true, we will stick to maintaining this dual versions.


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