We just moved to Vancouver

A True Story

One of our customers got a $60M+  valuation soon after the launch of the application we designed and engineered for them. Three years later, they are no longer in business.They are dead.

So what went wrong? Do you think they did not have a business model in mind? They had a perfect business model with all the right buzz words such as Big Data, AI, Data Mining and the investors surely poured in the money. Their team consisted of rock stars.

So what happened? To be brutally honest, they never had the customers in mind, though it seemed they did everything for them.

Once upon a time, we were a Ruby on Rails engineering firm developing awesome iOS and Android apps for mobile and web applications. We also had an eye for design and we built great looking and perfectly functional products. Our customers were happy. But, not until they realized that their customers are not using the applications we built.

That is when we started focusing on Design Thinking before we build code. And one thing that comes out strikingly is iterative user research. We have realized the power of user-research driven design thinking process to solve business challenges in the most scientific manner.

So What is Design Thinking & Why should you care?

There are several definitions of Design Thinking. But the way we put it is

Design thinking is the process of building the product for your users, not you.

Innovation and growth become a natural progression if you employ
Design Thinking in your product development strategy.

We are saying this from experience. We saw a change in the outcome as soon as we applied Design Thinking with our customers. Recently the U…Nations hired us for changing how education is imparted. And we have no doubt that it will transform.

What are we doing in Vancouver?

We encourage you to read our story. We did not choose Vancouver, Vancouver chose us.

When we made a business visit to Vancouver, we were pleased by the people. When we met with some prospects, they said they don’t have anything for us at the moment, but let me connect you with someone who might be looking for something. They even went an extra mile to write a detailed email about our conversation. Others we met and interacted with were friendlier and “good people” and we’ve never seen this before. We immediately saw the kind of people we wanted to befriend. So we gave up on everyone else and decided that we will serve Canada.

The companies here are very forward thinking. There is a gap they are trying to resolve and we could serve them. Hence we concluded, let’s work with people who are like us because giving more than we take is ingrained in our DNA as well.

Why Work with us?

There are three reasons for why you should evaluate working with us.

  1. Design Thinking – We lead with design thinking which enables us to deliver a product that your customer wants. Our process begins with you to understand the product and iterates extensively on the user research phase, where we help you understand what your audience truly needs and desires. Following this phase, we begin the actual design and development work using Agile process.
  2. Product Mindset – Our team gets excited when they are asked to find a solution to a problem. They approach the challenge with a Product focus and design the solution around the consumer’s needs. Our engineering team ensures product is done right with TDD and follow best practices so that your business can grow and evolve.
  3. Practical Pricing – The software industry is randomly priced. A small team builds a feature for tens of thousands of dollars which changes before you see the full value. Building your own team is painful and distracts you from your core business. That is where we come in. Our costs are almost equal to if not lower than hiring your own team. While you get access to design and engineering skills, on demand.

Let’s do a design thinking workshop

We do understand that it won’t be too long before Design Thinking will become a cliche.

We do not want you to buy into anything unless you believe in it yourself. May we propose a Design Thinking workshop with you at no cost at your office or online.

We’ll look at the problem statement and brainstorm with you. Towards the end, we will leave you with a lot of questions that need user research and help you realise the power of Design Thinking.

If this sounds interesting, let’s talk.